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My Story


After almost a decade of counseling at the bachelors level, I achieved my graduate degree in 1999 from the University of Texas, in Austin then I took my advanced clinical training to Chicago where I coached individuals who were making breakthroughs in areas of their lives that felt out of control or troubling.  Trained in transformational work through a premier coaching institute, I sought to assist others in discovering and expressing the profound gifts that reside within each of us but often obscured by our childhood and adulthood events that demanded that we change for others or for survival. 


I began private work in 2007 after returning to Fayetteville, AR continuing nuanced self-work with individuals, utilizing my skills as a counselor and coach. Unique, due to my training, I am able to listen deeply to your past, handling painful memories and also provide a path toward the desired solutions that you seek in your life today. Now coming full circle back to Dallas, where I started life's journey I continue to connect with clients in my Turtle Creek office.

My Philosophy
My Training

Life is a journey of discovery, celebration and connection.  We are invited to live life fully and radiantly inclusive to our past.  As we unfold the secrets of whom we really are, our lives become more colorful, beauty emerges and so do we. 


Integral to our human experience we move from the polarities of masculine (doing) and feminine (receiving) throughout our relationships and lives.  Living off balance causes major disruptions in relationships and within us often presenting as overwhelm, controlling behaviors, depression, anger and anxiety.  Regaining balance and obtaining a more natural expression of us results in decrease of symptoms, renewed relationships, and overall increase of ease in our own skin.

Master of Science in Social Work
University of Texas, Austin
Bachelors o Arts in Social Work
University of Arkansas, Fayetteville

Licensed Certified Social Worker

State of Texas
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